Dead Like Me: Season 1, Episode 4 – Reapercussions

15 Jun

Here are my thoughts on episode four of the first season of Dead Like Me!


  • I wonder if the piano falling will be in every Previously On until the end of the series.
  • The girl playing alt-George sort of looks like Chloe Sevigny.
  • Are Peanut Poppies a real thing? I lived in the South for a year, but never heard of them if they are. I’m assuming they’re not.
  • Why is Betty in the morgue?!
  • Reggie calling Joy by her name makes me wonder why it’s considered disrespectful to call a parent by their given name. Where did parental titles even come from?
  • Lasshole is a terrible nickname. Poor Reggie.
  • I wonder who Bedazzled Reggie’s bookbag.
  • I know that it isn’t the same actress, but Delores Herbig reminds me of the woman who played Mrs. Huber on Desperate Housewives.
  • Please quit saying pap!
  • This story about Delores Herbig’s pap smear is so uncomfortable.
  • If something like the Absolver worked, I would buy ten of them.
  • Why was Georgia reading Penthouse? I haven’t even read Penthouse.
  • Preventing a man’s death but making him think his son is a rapist is…not ideal.
  • What the…why is that woman licking the phone? That’s so disgusting.
  • I wouldn’t be excited about a pottery class if I were Reggie.
  • How did they miss the drug balloon? Even if it broke before the cavity search, wouldn’t they have at least found the condom? Well, I’m assuming it’s a condom.
  • Delores Herbig reminds me of a lot of people apparently; she sometimes talks like Annette Bening in American Beauty.
  • “Sometimes if a lie is big enough, there’s an instinctive need to protect it.” Yeah. Yeah there is.
  • I’m not really a fan of Mason. I’m not sure why.
  • Dammit! The Absolver is killing people! Now I can’t use one.
  • Haha, these people have to wait to move on in the waffle house. And that guy is a skeleton. I want to see him walk.
  • You know, if someone told George the ramifications–the actual ramifications–of breaking the rules, maybe she wouldn’t break them. Yeah, she should just do what she’s told…I guess…but I don’t really have any sympathy for Rube here. Be more forthcoming with information, Mandy Patinkin.
  • Crystal is really gross. I hope someone other than George finds out and she gets fired.
  • Waking up on the floor with vomit stuck to your cheek is never a pleasant experience.
  • “Fuck” is a very aggressive word. Ha.
  • “You’re a constipater, Peanut. You disturb my shit and that’s annoying.” I want to use that line at some point in the future.
  • Bryan Fuller likes to talk about being fate’s bitch. Just like Spike.
  • HA! Taxidermy. I love it.
  • So this is sort of unrelated to what’s happening right now, but I’ve stopped watching Hannibal for the time being because I know that it incorporates characters from other Bryan Fuller shows. I’ve seen Wonderfalls and some of Pushing Daises, so I want to finish Dead Like Me and all of Pushing Daisies before I resume. My concern is how any of these characters will fit in that show–it’s so different in tone! It makes no sense to me.
  • I am intrigued by Rube trying to have dinner with the person or thing that delivers the names. I think I asked about that during the first or second episode…
  • So far, I stand by my assertion that the most interesting characters on this show are Joy and Reggie. The Reapers don’t do too much for me, honestly.

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