Dead Like Me: Season 1, Episode 3 – Curious George

15 Jun

Well, I clearly suck at this a little bit…


I fully intended to post here with a bit more regularity, but that obviously hasn’t happened. Things have been very busy and I just haven’t had the time. I’ll try to do better, but no promises. (And I’m not sure what to do about the “Earning Your Spot” series I’ve been doing…I’m now months behind on hours upon hours worth of WWE broadcasts, and the notion of catching up is daunting. I’ve yet to decide what to do there.)

In any event, here are my livebloggy thoughts on the third episode of Dead Like Me!

  • It’s been about two months since I watched the last episode, but I’m struck by how little I think this show would fit in on Showtime today. Doesn’t have the same…darkness (maybe?) as Dexter, Homeland, Nurse Jackie…even Weeds. Which is funny to say about a show where probably half the cast are playing dead characters.
  • That bear looks quite sad.
  • The “Live Bear” sign reminds me of the cardboard cutout from Harry and the Hendersons.
  • The name Dora has been totally stolen by Dora the Explorer. I can’t think of anything but that when I see or hear it.
  • A blood slicker. Nice.
  • Wait, I thought the guy was going to die?
  • Oh. They both did.
  • The marketing guys porn pictures of another employee is absolutely sexual harassment.
  • “The password’s ‘rimjob’ if you want to get on.” I wonder if Delores Herbig knows what a rimjob is.
  • She clearly does not.
  • This show makes me want breakfast food. Badly.
  • I’m much more interested in George’s family than any of the other characters. Is that bad?
  • Wasn’t the dad gay? Didn’t George narrate that in the first episode?
  • Haha, Reggie’s sweater getting dropped on the ground. Her mom is not a fabulous parent.
  • I thought Smurfette was a frog at first.
  • Wait, they’re getting a family portrait taken? I assumed it was school photo day…do people actually do family portraits?
  • How long has George been dead? It seems very, very soon for her stuff to be boxed up and her room to be converted to one where the treadmill lives.
  • I don’t actually know the story of the Princess and the Pea.
  • I hate cats.
  • Oh, the Ouija board. The cause of so much terror in every child’s life.
  • So…can they take the soul of anyone they want? Or only from the people they’re assigned?
  • Birds are weird! I’ve had to bird-sit before, and I don’t…get them. Maybe the fact that they’re descended from dinosaurs? I doubt I’d relate to a dinosaur either.
  • Is that a UFO? Is he going to alien heaven? It also appears to have the periodic table…hm.
  • I’ve never worked in an office like that one, but office parties absolutely seem like they would be the highlight of my existence.
  • I don’t have answers to questions like these. “Do you tend to see the trees or the forest?” I have no idea.
  • I prefer to read a book on planes. I hate conversations with strangers. This may be why I’m single.
  • Fresca makes me think of Ainsley Hayes.
  • Yes. It’s unlikely the black man’s last name is Kostakovich.
  • What a terrible way to die.
  • Oh, shit. “Mom.”
  • Well…that didn’t go well. And she called her skanky. Wow.
  • If a number six has waffles, I may die of jealousy.
  • Nope. Pancakes. Not jealous, I always find them dry.
  • I may go venture for waffles now though…

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