Dead Like Me: Season 1, Episode 2 – Dead Girl Walking

28 Apr

Here’re my thoughts on the second episode of the first season of Dead Like Me


  • This is a very thorough previously on.
  • These opening credits are hilarious, even if the song is kind of generic.
  • There is A LOT of recapping in the first few minutes of this episode. This show aired on Showtime initially, right? That’s not what I expect from a series on a premium channel.
  • I don’t get what the “Excerpts by Bryan Fuller” credit means, especially since he’s also credited as the writer of the episode too.
  • Hey, the dead apartment guy’s parents showed up!
  • How did the parents get in? Is George going to be allowed to stay there? They’re very understanding…
  • I want Reggie to be the first person to find out George is undead. Please let that happen.
  • I totally believed Roxy’s story about the change reservoir beneath the city. That should be true.
  • Whoever delivers the names to Rube seems to use old-school facsimile paper. Interesting.
  • I’m still curious whether the Reapers can be hurt.
  • Where does this show take place? I’m unclear on the accent of the guy who picked up Betty and George, and it looked like they were going to Dover, Delaware?  But maybe not.
  • It’s cruel that the undead have to eat. That shouldn’t be a requirement anymore, I don’t think.
  • I’m confused by what we’re expected to feel about George’s mom; it seems like she maybe is supposed to be unlikeable, but I do like her.
  • I have never asked someone to get my wallet from my pocket before.
  • Hey! She got impaled! And seemed to get hurt, but healed quickly. Thank you, Bryan Fuller, for answering my questions.
  • Trying to quit this job is absolutely not going to end well.
  • Reggie really should be in therapy. She just lost her big sister. But, then again, I feel like everyone should be in therapy. Life is confusing, and it helps to talk to someone. There’s no stigma. They should explain that to Reggie.
  • Mason’s been a Reaper for fifty years? Wow.
  • George having to pay rent, not to keep harping, bothers me. If the parents got in, I’d imagine the landlord opened the door. Which means they’d have notified the landlord their son died; George can’t just assume someone’s lease–she has no legal obligation to pay the rent right now, and no landlord would expect her to. If the landlord doesn’t know the guy is dead, how’d the parents get in? They didn’t seem like they’d be the types to be close enough to their son to have a key to his place.
  • Ah. Apparently they’re in Washington.
  • His soul being present during the autopsy…oh my god.
  • I get why Reggie is stealing toilet seats, but why is Reggie stealing toilet seats? Also, how did Reggie become my favorite character?
  • To make a toilet tree. Of course.
  • Delores Herbig is back. Ha.

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