Dead Like Me: Season 1, Episode 1 – Pilot

23 Apr

I’m watching Dead Like Me simultaneously with Mark Oshiro, author of the blog–which is totally awesome and everyone who enjoys television should check it out, seriously. In any event, there is very little I know about this show. I know that the main character is Death or something. I know it’s quirky and Bryan Fulleresque. I know I’ve owned the DVDs for nearly a decade now without ever having opened them because they were on sale at Best Buy for really cheap years and years ago. And that’s it.

So hey! Dead Like Me pilot!


  • My first observation has to do with the DVDs–I hate when there is only one episode to any given disc. Game of Thrones (and other HBO shows, for that matter) is guilty of this as well.
  • The red curtain at the beginning of the episode makes me think of Moulin Rouge.
  • “Toad promised to guard the jar.” I so want Mario jokes now…also, Toad would be a terrible guard of anything, as he was absolutely the worst character in Super Mario Brothers 2.
  • Wait, what? Mandy Patinkin is on this show?!
  • Rebecca Gayheart too? At least, I think that’s her name…she was one of the sorority girls in Scream 2.
  • Also, this apparently is a Bryan Fuller show…how did I not know this?
  • That woman standing on the picket fence is asking to die. Amazingly, she did so much less…graphically than I was anticipating. I was dreading unfortunate impalement.
  • I got really excited when the career counselor walked on screen because, for a split-second, I thought it was Catherine O’Hara. I love Catherine O’Hara, and she should be in everything.
  • “I know Lotus.” My best friend in high school used Lotus, and I could never use her computer. It was so confusing, and I have resentment toward Lotus now as a result.
  • Clearly this is turning into a string of “Dead Like Me reminds me of X,” but, with that said, the dinner scene made me think of American Beauty initially. George told her dad her day was okay, and his response was “Just okay?” The comparable exchange between Kevin Spacey and Thora Birch is one of my favorite parts of that movie.
  • I SO recognize the mom, but cannot place her. Help. I’m afraid to look on IMDB, because I question how much the character will be on the show and don’t want it spoiled for me.
  • The mother (Joy?) hates the word “moist.” I find that nearly all people who hate a specific word tend to have that word be moist. I too use it in conversation as a means of torture. George and I are terrible people.
  • Aww, the little sister’s smirk when George says “moist” at the dinner table is adorable. She clearly idolizes her. I tend to be moved by younger siblings looking up to older siblings.
  • And now she’s in her closet hiding. This is going to be devastating if this goes the way I think it’s going.
  • “There’s going to be a funeral if you don’t get your ass out of bed.” Well, that’ll probably be the last thing she ever says to her daughter.
  • Oh. Confirmed quickly.
  • Are the teetering boxes going to be how she dies? They seem too light.
  • Maybe she’ll go try to retrieve the folder she dropped down the elevator shaft and get crushed?
  • …or she’ll be turned into bits by a space toilet. Yikes.
  • The Grim Reapers? Sounds like a bowling team.
  • Who brings balloons to a funeral?! I too would freak out if I were Joy. Should I have recognized the man that brought them? Because I didn’t.
  • It occurs to me that I’m surprised nothing happened with the guy at the office who requested the red folder, or red-flags, or whatever. There was hinting of more there, I wonder if he’ll be back.
  • Wait. Why can people see the dead people?
  • Awwwww…Reggie. I hope you get to say words in this episode.
  • I have a thing about pausing my TV when articles or letters or written anything is on the screen. This newspaper article is wonderful. A coworker said “All the apologies in the world won’t bring back our Georgia.” Another coworker commented, “Bummer.”
  • Georgia spelling out “moist” on the fridge is maybe…a little mean? Don’t mess with your mom now, she just lost her daughter.
  • Why does Georgia have a menu in front of her at the diner?
  • Ha. Because she’s now visible. What if she runs into her family? Won’t that be awkward?
  • “It’s a destiny thing.” How Protestant. I don’t know how I feel about this, as I tend to seriously question predestination.
  • Holy crap, is Roxie the same actress that played Whitley on A Different World?
  • “Mason, Mason, Mason.” I get the sense I’m supposed to ship Mason and George, no?
  • “My treat.” Where do they get money? How is Mandy Patinkin buying breakfast?
  • I’m way too into logistics here. Can the Reapers be hurt? How do they survive? Do they HAVE to eat? They seem to just be…human.
  • Despite their seeming humanness, they managed to get way up on top of that building; how did that happen?
  • “It’s like Clue.” Clue is perhaps one of my favorite movies ever. Tim Curry is astounding, pretty much always.
  • What happens if they interfere?! I need to know now!
  • How did George not know what E.T.D. meant? I immediately realized. C’mon, George.
  • Where did Mason get the Post-It? Who gives them their assignments?
  • Again, what would happen if George got shot during this robbery?
  • Okay, so George is now living in this apartment. Wouldn’t she lose it fairly quickly? Next of kin would be notified, and they would presumably want to get the dead guy’s things, I would imagine.
  • Um. George’s parents are having a yard sale? Are they selling George’s things? That’s SO MESSED UP.
  • Oh, no. Just a non-George garage sale. I’m okay with that.
  • Seriously, why is George torturing her mom so much? She didn’t seem THAT bad.
  • I realized when the mattress spring popped up that I have no idea how mattresses actually work.
  • Mandy Patinkin is wearing a sweater that Mr. Rogers would have owned. Bizarre.
  • When the graveling lunged onto the window of the train, I immediately thought of the gremlins on the wing of the plane from the Twilight Zone. Moments later, George referenced wishing something into the cornfield. Intentional?
  • So wait. George touched her when she made the girl move her seat, is that not enough? Does intent matter here?
  • I’m imagining that all serial killers, psychopaths, sociopaths, and the ilk are examples of people with withered souls, maybe?
  • “Just close your eyes.” Thanks for making me think of Buffy, Bryan Fuller. Also, wouldn’t the other people have heard her say that to the girl? They noticed she died immediately…aren’t they going to be suspicious of who George was and where she disappeared to?
  • Heaven is an amusement park. I like this idea, especially if it’s different to each person based on what they would picture “heaven” to be like.

Overall, I liked this. It wasn’t as good as some of the other Fuller shows I’ve watched, and I did enjoy the pilots to his other shows more as well. I’m interested in where this is going though, so I’m definitely in.


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