Hannibal: Season 1, Episode 1 – Aperitif

9 Apr

This is my first “review” of…anything really. I’m not sure if I’m going to be any good at this whatsoever, and, at least for now, these are probably going to consist of my thoughts organized into a bullet-pointed list.


So, here we go!

Hannibal: Season 1, Episode 1 – Aperitif

  • If I remember correctly, aperitif is a pre-entree drink, which is an interesting title for a pilot. I like it.
  • One of my first thoughts had to do with setting and timeline–is this in the same continuity (roughly, I’d imagine) as Silence of the Lambs? Is it a retelling of Red Dragon? If so, does it take place in the 70s or 80s? It doesn’t seem so. Between Crawford’s use of a fancy cell phone and talk about a picture being posted to a website, this is clearly present day. I have mixed feelings about that. Sorry, Clarice.
  • The beginning scene with Graham moving backwards through the crime scene and out of the house was bizarre. Also, to someone coming into this show cold, I’d imagine it could lead to the conclusion that Will was the killer.
  • I was a bit confused about the significance of the phone tap and the alarm company; I mean, I get that the killer (maybe) recorded the conversation and played it back the night of the murder so as to avoid the security people showing up, but wouldn’t someone most likely have heard the gunshots and called the police? Are the security police faster than the police police?
  • I would never reach over and fix another man’s glasses. Especially one who criticized the way I name museums.
  • The “hiding the Golden Ticket in the middle” speech made me think of “And what do we covet, Clarice?”
  • This show is very surreal, and I wasn’t sure at first whether the dead girl was actually in the bed or whether it was Graham’s superpower of rewinding a crime scene.
  • These cops/FBI agents/law enforcement folks know a lot about antler velvet. Do they teach that at Quantico?
  • I found it hard to believe that Will drove past the dog, tried to get its attention, left to get a treat, and came back to find the dog in the same exact spot.
  • Um. Will kidnapped that dog. Is that okay? It had a leash. Leashes tend to have owners on the other end. Not cool, Will.
  • “USE THE LADIES ROOM!” You’re a great boss, Laurence Fishburne. You’re also bound to get sued for harassment or something at some point.
  • Will Graham needs Xanex.
  • Not only did the construction worker (later revealed to be Garrett Jacob Hobbes, apparently) have a blue cooler, so did the daughter he loved so much he decided to kill. It made me think of the scene in the Sopranos where they were bleeding the sporting goods store, and Paulie said not to order blue coolers because everyone always wanted the red ones. Not serial killers in Minnesota and their family.
  • Jaye! Now I just want to watch Wonderfalls.
  • You know, I don’t think this show is that good at this point, and I’m only watching because I know it’s about Hannibal Lecter. Who hasn’t been on the show yet. There’s something wrong with this picture. Please show up soon.
  • Okay, did I hear this correctly? Will isn’t with the FBI and never has been? What does he do? Is he just a reverse-sociopath for hire?
  • I like that we have a multipurpose Asian girl. She, so far, could be someone on CSI (don’t watch it, don’t know character names), Dexter, and Scully. Years of schooling, apparently.
  • I find it VERY hard to believe that the first case Will Graham is called in on is also the first case on which Hannibal Lecter is called in on, and it just so happens to deal with a cannibal.
  • I liked that Hannibal made his patient essentially beg for a tissue. Maybe because he knew he was going to throw his trash on his table.
  • I find Hannibal’s accent very hard to understand. I hope I get used to it soon.
  • Jack Crawford is seriously creepy. Who walks into someone’s office and starts moving things around on their desk before asking them for their help? What do they teach at Quantico beyond lessons on antler velvet?
  • “Don’t psychoanalyze me. You won’t like me when I’m psychoanalyzed.” Wow. Bryan Fuller wasn’t this cheesy on prior shows, right? Or did it just make more sense tonally there?
  • The discussion regarding the shrike made me realize that I’m jealous of the officers’ training in animal knowledge in general.
  • “Where did all of this love go?” Soft Cell reference?
  • Let’s make this show into a drinking game and take a shot every time they show Hannibal eating something.
  • Why doesn’t Lecter want the killer caught? That doesn’t seem remotely in character to me. I think Lecter would be offended by Garrett Jacob Hobbes’s selection process.
  • Okay, so Garrett Jacob Hobbes (we must always use his full name) gets a warning call. Instead of running, he apparently stands by a window, waits for a car to pull up, slits his wife’s throat, throws her out the front door, then takes his daughter hostage. Why not just run? Or, if you’re going to kill your family, why not just kill your family immediately? Bizarre.
  • Garrett Jacob Hobbes’s daughter is bleeding out on the floor with half of her throat slit. Graham is holding the girl’s throat together. Lecter watches. Then Lecter takes over, and Graham watches. Shouldn’t someone maybe be calling for an ambulance?

Overall, I thought the episode was decent as set-up; I’m hoping it picks up a little bit, and that things don’t seem quite so coincidental in future episodes. I loved Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies though, so I’m willing to give Bryan Fuller a chance. Plus, Caroline Dhavernas!


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